Archive of Formal Proofs


The Archive of Formal Proofs is a collection of proof libraries, examples, and larger scientific developments, mechanically checked in the theorem prover Isabelle. It is organized in the way of a scientific journal, is indexed by dblp and has an ISSN: 2150-914x. Submissions are refereed. The preferred citation style is available [here]. We encourage companion AFP submissions to conference and journal publications.

A development version of the archive is available as well.



2021-11-23: van Emde Boas Trees
Authors: Thomas Ammer and Peter Lammich
2021-11-19: The Hahn and Jordan Decomposition Theorems
Authors: Marie Cousin, Mnacho Echenim and Hervé Guiol
2021-11-08: Exploring Simplified Variants of Gödel’s Ontological Argument in Isabelle/HOL
Author: Christoph Benzmüller
2021-11-08: Real Exponents as the Limits of Sequences of Rational Exponents
Author: Jacques D. Fleuriot
2021-11-08: Automating Public Announcement Logic and the Wise Men Puzzle in Isabelle/HOL
Authors: Christoph Benzmüller and Sebastian Reiche
2021-11-08: Factorization of Polynomials with Algebraic Coefficients
Authors: Manuel Eberl and René Thiemann
2021-11-05: Szemerédi's Regularity Lemma
Authors: Chelsea Edmonds, Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki and Lawrence C. Paulson
2021-10-28: Quantum and Classical Registers
Author: Dominique Unruh
2021-10-19: Belief Revision Theory
Authors: Valentin Fouillard, Safouan Taha, Frédéric Boulanger and Nicolas Sabouret
2021-10-13: X86 instruction semantics and basic block symbolic execution
Authors: Freek Verbeek, Abhijith Bharadwaj, Joshua Bockenek, Ian Roessle, Timmy Weerwag and Binoy Ravindran
2021-10-12: Algebras for Iteration, Infinite Executions and Correctness of Sequential Computations
Author: Walter Guttmann
2021-10-02: Verified Quadratic Virtual Substitution for Real Arithmetic
Authors: Matias Scharager, Katherine Cordwell, Stefan Mitsch and André Platzer
2021-09-24: Soundness and Completeness of an Axiomatic System for First-Order Logic
Author: Asta Halkjær From
2021-09-18: Complex Bounded Operators
Authors: Jose Manuel Rodriguez Caballero and Dominique Unruh
2021-09-16: A Formalization of Weighted Path Orders and Recursive Path Orders
Authors: Christian Sternagel, René Thiemann and Akihisa Yamada
2021-09-06: Extension of Types-To-Sets
Author: Mihails Milehins
2021-09-06: IDE: Introduction, Destruction, Elimination
Author: Mihails Milehins
2021-09-06: Conditional Transfer Rule
Author: Mihails Milehins
2021-09-06: Conditional Simplification
Author: Mihails Milehins
2021-09-06: Category Theory for ZFC in HOL III: Universal Constructions
Author: Mihails Milehins
2021-09-06: Category Theory for ZFC in HOL I: Foundations: Design Patterns, Set Theory, Digraphs, Semicategories
Author: Mihails Milehins
2021-09-06: Category Theory for ZFC in HOL II: Elementary Theory of 1-Categories
Author: Mihails Milehins
2021-09-05: A data flow analysis algorithm for computing dominators
Author: Nan Jiang
2021-09-03: Solving Cubic and Quartic Equations
Author: René Thiemann
2021-08-26: Logging-independent Message Anonymity in the Relational Method
Author: Pasquale Noce
2021-08-21: The Theorem of Three Circles
Authors: Fox Thomson and Wenda Li
2021-08-16: Fresh identifiers
Authors: Andrei Popescu and Thomas Bauereiss
2021-08-13: Combinatorial Design Theory
Authors: Chelsea Edmonds and Lawrence Paulson
2021-08-03: Relational Forests
Author: Walter Guttmann
2021-07-27: Schutz' Independent Axioms for Minkowski Spacetime
Authors: Richard Schmoetten, Jake Palmer and Jacques Fleuriot
2021-07-07: Finitely Generated Abelian Groups
Authors: Joseph Thommes and Manuel Eberl
2021-07-01: SpecCheck - Specification-Based Testing for Isabelle/ML
Authors: Kevin Kappelmann, Lukas Bulwahn and Sebastian Willenbrink
2021-06-22: Van der Waerden's Theorem
Authors: Katharina Kreuzer and Manuel Eberl
2021-06-18: MiniSail - A kernel language for the ISA specification language SAIL
Author: Mark Wassell
2021-06-17: Public Announcement Logic
Author: Asta Halkjær From
2021-06-04: A Shorter Compiler Correctness Proof for Language IMP
Author: Pasquale Noce
2021-05-24: Lyndon words
Authors: Štěpán Holub and Štěpán Starosta
2021-05-24: Graph Lemma
Authors: Štěpán Holub and Štěpán Starosta
2021-05-24: Combinatorics on Words Basics
Authors: Štěpán Holub, Martin Raška and Štěpán Starosta
2021-04-30: Regression Test Selection
Author: Susannah Mansky
2021-04-27: Isabelle's Metalogic: Formalization and Proof Checker
Authors: Tobias Nipkow and Simon Roßkopf
2021-04-27: Lifting the Exponent
Author: Jakub Kądziołka
2021-04-24: The BKR Decision Procedure for Univariate Real Arithmetic
Authors: Katherine Cordwell, Yong Kiam Tan and André Platzer
2021-04-23: Gale-Stewart Games
Author: Sebastiaan Joosten
2021-04-13: Formalization of Timely Dataflow's Progress Tracking Protocol
Authors: Matthias Brun, Sára Decova, Andrea Lattuada and Dmitriy Traytel
2021-04-01: Information Flow Control via Dependency Tracking
Author: Benedikt Nordhoff
2021-03-29: Grothendieck's Schemes in Algebraic Geometry
Authors: Anthony Bordg, Lawrence Paulson and Wenda Li
2021-03-23: Hensel's Lemma for the p-adic Integers
Author: Aaron Crighton
2021-03-17: Constructive Cryptography in HOL: the Communication Modeling Aspect
Authors: Andreas Lochbihler and S. Reza Sefidgar
2021-03-12: Two algorithms based on modular arithmetic: lattice basis reduction and Hermite normal form computation
Authors: Ralph Bottesch, Jose Divasón and René Thiemann
2021-03-03: Quantum projective measurements and the CHSH inequality
Author: Mnacho Echenim
2021-03-03: The Hermite–Lindemann–Weierstraß Transcendence Theorem
Author: Manuel Eberl
2021-03-01: Mereology
Author: Ben Blumson
2021-02-25: The Sunflower Lemma of Erdős and Rado
Author: René Thiemann
2021-02-24: A Verified Imperative Implementation of B-Trees
Author: Niels Mündler
2021-02-17: Formal Puiseux Series
Author: Manuel Eberl
2021-02-10: The Laws of Large Numbers
Author: Manuel Eberl
2021-01-31: Tarski's Parallel Postulate implies the 5th Postulate of Euclid, the Postulate of Playfair and the original Parallel Postulate of Euclid
Author: Roland Coghetto
2021-01-30: Solution to the xkcd Blue Eyes puzzle
Author: Jakub Kądziołka
2021-01-18: Hood-Melville Queue
Author: Alejandro Gómez-Londoño
2021-01-11: JinjaDCI: a Java semantics with dynamic class initialization
Author: Susannah Mansky


2020-12-27: Cofinality and the Delta System Lemma
Author: Pedro Sánchez Terraf
2020-12-17: Topological semantics for paraconsistent and paracomplete logics
Author: David Fuenmayor
2020-12-08: Relational Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms
Authors: Walter Guttmann and Nicolas Robinson-O'Brien
2020-12-07: Inline Caching and Unboxing Optimization for Interpreters
Author: Martin Desharnais
2020-12-05: The Relational Method with Message Anonymity for the Verification of Cryptographic Protocols
Author: Pasquale Noce
2020-11-22: Isabelle Marries Dirac: a Library for Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
Authors: Anthony Bordg, Hanna Lachnitt and Yijun He
2020-11-19: The HOL-CSP Refinement Toolkit
Authors: Safouan Taha, Burkhart Wolff and Lina Ye
2020-10-29: Verified SAT-Based AI Planning
Authors: Mohammad Abdulaziz and Friedrich Kurz
2020-10-29: AI Planning Languages Semantics
Authors: Mohammad Abdulaziz and Peter Lammich
2020-10-20: A Sound Type System for Physical Quantities, Units, and Measurements
Authors: Simon Foster and Burkhart Wolff
2020-10-12: Finite Map Extras
Author: Javier Díaz
2020-09-28: A Formal Model of the Safely Composable Document Object Model with Shadow Roots
Authors: Achim D. Brucker and Michael Herzberg
2020-09-28: A Formal Model of the Document Object Model with Shadow Roots
Authors: Achim D. Brucker and Michael Herzberg
2020-09-28: A Formalization of Safely Composable Web Components
Authors: Achim D. Brucker and Michael Herzberg
2020-09-28: A Formalization of Web Components
Authors: Achim D. Brucker and Michael Herzberg
2020-09-28: The Safely Composable DOM
Authors: Achim D. Brucker and Michael Herzberg
2020-09-16: Syntax-Independent Logic Infrastructure
Authors: Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel
2020-09-16: Robinson Arithmetic
Authors: Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel
2020-09-16: An Abstract Formalization of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems
Authors: Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel
2020-09-16: From Abstract to Concrete Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems—Part II
Authors: Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel
2020-09-16: From Abstract to Concrete Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems—Part I
Authors: Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel
2020-09-07: A Formal Model of Extended Finite State Machines
Authors: Michael Foster, Achim D. Brucker, Ramsay G. Taylor and John Derrick
2020-09-07: Inference of Extended Finite State Machines
Authors: Michael Foster, Achim D. Brucker, Ramsay G. Taylor and John Derrick
2020-08-31: Practical Algebraic Calculus Checker
Authors: Mathias Fleury and Daniela Kaufmann
2020-08-31: Some classical results in inductive inference of recursive functions
Author: Frank J. Balbach
2020-08-26: Relational Disjoint-Set Forests
Author: Walter Guttmann
2020-08-25: Extensions to the Comprehensive Framework for Saturation Theorem Proving
Authors: Jasmin Blanchette and Sophie Tourret
2020-08-25: Putting the `K' into Bird's derivation of Knuth-Morris-Pratt string matching
Author: Peter Gammie
2020-08-04: Amicable Numbers
Author: Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki
2020-08-03: Ordinal Partitions
Author: Lawrence C. Paulson
2020-07-21: A Formal Proof of The Chandy--Lamport Distributed Snapshot Algorithm
Authors: Ben Fiedler and Dmitriy Traytel
2020-07-13: Relational Characterisations of Paths
Authors: Walter Guttmann and Peter Höfner
2020-06-01: A Formally Verified Checker of the Safe Distance Traffic Rules for Autonomous Vehicles
Authors: Albert Rizaldi and Fabian Immler
2020-05-23: A verified algorithm for computing the Smith normal form of a matrix
Author: Jose Divasón
2020-05-16: The Nash-Williams Partition Theorem
Author: Lawrence C. Paulson
2020-05-13: A Formalization of Knuth–Bendix Orders
Authors: Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann
2020-05-12: Irrationality Criteria for Series by Erdős and Straus
Authors: Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki and Wenda Li
2020-05-11: Recursion Theorem in ZF
Author: Georgy Dunaev
2020-05-08: An Efficient Normalisation Procedure for Linear Temporal Logic: Isabelle/HOL Formalisation
Author: Salomon Sickert
2020-05-06: Formalization of Forcing in Isabelle/ZF
Authors: Emmanuel Gunther, Miguel Pagano and Pedro Sánchez Terraf
2020-05-02: Banach-Steinhaus Theorem
Authors: Dominique Unruh and Jose Manuel Rodriguez Caballero
2020-04-27: Attack Trees in Isabelle for GDPR compliance of IoT healthcare systems
Author: Florian Kammueller
2020-04-24: Power Sum Polynomials
Author: Manuel Eberl
2020-04-24: The Lambert W Function on the Reals
Author: Manuel Eberl
2020-04-24: Gaussian Integers
Author: Manuel Eberl
2020-04-19: Matrices for ODEs
Author: Jonathan Julian Huerta y Munive
2020-04-16: Authenticated Data Structures As Functors
Authors: Andreas Lochbihler and Ognjen Marić
2020-04-10: Formalization of an Algorithm for Greedily Computing Associative Aggregations on Sliding Windows
Authors: Lukas Heimes, Dmitriy Traytel and Joshua Schneider
2020-04-09: A Comprehensive Framework for Saturation Theorem Proving
Author: Sophie Tourret
2020-04-09: Formalization of an Optimized Monitoring Algorithm for Metric First-Order Dynamic Logic with Aggregations
Authors: Thibault Dardinier, Lukas Heimes, Martin Raszyk, Joshua Schneider and Dmitriy Traytel
2020-04-08: Stateful Protocol Composition and Typing
Authors: Andreas V. Hess, Sebastian Mödersheim and Achim D. Brucker
2020-04-08: Automated Stateful Protocol Verification
Authors: Andreas V. Hess, Sebastian Mödersheim, Achim D. Brucker and Anders Schlichtkrull
2020-04-07: Lucas's Theorem
Author: Chelsea Edmonds
2020-03-25: Strong Eventual Consistency of the Collaborative Editing Framework WOOT
Authors: Emin Karayel and Edgar Gonzàlez
2020-03-22: Furstenberg's topology and his proof of the infinitude of primes
Author: Manuel Eberl
2020-03-12: An Under-Approximate Relational Logic
Author: Toby Murray
2020-03-07: Hello World
Authors: Cornelius Diekmann and Lars Hupel
2020-02-21: Implementing the Goodstein Function in λ-Calculus
Author: Bertram Felgenhauer
2020-02-10: A Generic Framework for Verified Compilers
Author: Martin Desharnais
2020-02-01: Arithmetic progressions and relative primes
Author: José Manuel Rodríguez Caballero
2020-01-31: A Hierarchy of Algebras for Boolean Subsets
Authors: Walter Guttmann and Bernhard Möller
2020-01-17: Mersenne primes and the Lucas–Lehmer test
Author: Manuel Eberl
2020-01-16: Verified Approximation Algorithms
Authors: Robin Eßmann, Tobias Nipkow and Simon Robillard
2020-01-13: Closest Pair of Points Algorithms
Authors: Martin Rau and Tobias Nipkow
2020-01-09: Skip Lists
Authors: Max W. Haslbeck and Manuel Eberl
2020-01-06: Bicategories
Author: Eugene W. Stark


2019-12-27: The Irrationality of ζ(3)
Author: Manuel Eberl
2019-12-20: Formalizing a Seligman-Style Tableau System for Hybrid Logic
Author: Asta Halkjær From
2019-12-18: The Poincaré-Bendixson Theorem
Authors: Fabian Immler and Yong Kiam Tan
2019-12-16: Poincaré Disc Model
Authors: Danijela Simić, Filip Marić and Pierre Boutry
2019-12-16: Complex Geometry
Authors: Filip Marić and Danijela Simić
2019-12-10: Gauss Sums and the Pólya–Vinogradov Inequality
Authors: Rodrigo Raya and Manuel Eberl
2019-12-04: An Efficient Generalization of Counting Sort for Large, possibly Infinite Key Ranges
Author: Pasquale Noce
2019-11-27: Interval Arithmetic on 32-bit Words
Author: Brandon Bohrer
2019-10-24: Zermelo Fraenkel Set Theory in Higher-Order Logic
Author: Lawrence C. Paulson
2019-10-22: Isabelle/C
Authors: Frédéric Tuong and Burkhart Wolff
2019-10-16: VerifyThis 2019 -- Polished Isabelle Solutions
Authors: Peter Lammich and Simon Wimmer
2019-10-08: Aristotle's Assertoric Syllogistic
Author: Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki
2019-10-07: Sigma Protocols and Commitment Schemes
Authors: David Butler and Andreas Lochbihler
2019-10-04: Clean - An Abstract Imperative Programming Language and its Theory
Authors: Frédéric Tuong and Burkhart Wolff
2019-09-16: Formalization of Multiway-Join Algorithms
Author: Thibault Dardinier
2019-09-10: Verification Components for Hybrid Systems
Author: Jonathan Julian Huerta y Munive
2019-09-06: Fourier Series
Author: Lawrence C Paulson
2019-08-30: A Case Study in Basic Algebra
Author: Clemens Ballarin
2019-08-16: Formalisation of an Adaptive State Counting Algorithm
Author: Robert Sachtleben
2019-08-14: Laplace Transform
Author: Fabian Immler
2019-08-06: Linear Programming
Authors: Julian Parsert and Cezary Kaliszyk
2019-08-06: Communicating Concurrent Kleene Algebra for Distributed Systems Specification
Authors: Maxime Buyse and Jason Jaskolka
2019-08-05: Selected Problems from the International Mathematical Olympiad 2019
Author: Manuel Eberl
2019-08-01: Stellar Quorum Systems
Author: Giuliano Losa
2019-07-30: A Formal Development of a Polychronous Polytimed Coordination Language
Authors: Hai Nguyen Van, Frédéric Boulanger and Burkhart Wolff
2019-07-27: Szpilrajn Extension Theorem
Author: Peter Zeller
2019-07-18: A Sequent Calculus for First-Order Logic
Author: Asta Halkjær From
2019-07-08: A Verified Code Generator from Isabelle/HOL to CakeML
Author: Lars Hupel
2019-07-04: Formalization of a Monitoring Algorithm for Metric First-Order Temporal Logic
Authors: Joshua Schneider and Dmitriy Traytel
2019-06-27: Complete Non-Orders and Fixed Points
Authors: Akihisa Yamada and Jérémy Dubut
2019-06-25: Priority Search Trees
Authors: Peter Lammich and Tobias Nipkow
2019-06-25: Purely Functional, Simple, and Efficient Implementation of Prim and Dijkstra
Authors: Peter Lammich and Tobias Nipkow
2019-06-21: Linear Inequalities
Authors: Ralph Bottesch, Alban Reynaud and René Thiemann
2019-06-16: Hilbert's Nullstellensatz
Author: Alexander Maletzky
2019-06-15: Gröbner Bases, Macaulay Matrices and Dubé's Degree Bounds
Author: Alexander Maletzky
2019-06-13: Binary Heaps for IMP2
Author: Simon Griebel
2019-06-03: Differential Game Logic
Author: André Platzer
2019-05-30: Multidimensional Binary Search Trees
Author: Martin Rau
2019-05-14: Formalization of Generic Authenticated Data Structures
Authors: Matthias Brun and Dmitriy Traytel
2019-05-09: Multi-Party Computation
Authors: David Aspinall and David Butler
2019-04-26: HOL-CSP Version 2.0
Authors: Safouan Taha, Lina Ye and Burkhart Wolff
2019-04-16: A Compositional and Unified Translation of LTL into ω-Automata
Authors: Benedikt Seidl and Salomon Sickert
2019-04-06: A General Theory of Syntax with Bindings
Authors: Lorenzo Gheri and Andrei Popescu
2019-03-27: The Transcendence of Certain Infinite Series
Authors: Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki and Wenda Li
2019-03-24: Quantum Hoare Logic
Authors: Junyi Liu, Bohua Zhan, Shuling Wang, Shenggang Ying, Tao Liu, Yangjia Li, Mingsheng Ying and Naijun Zhan
2019-03-09: Safe OCL
Author: Denis Nikiforov
2019-02-21: Elementary Facts About the Distribution of Primes
Author: Manuel Eberl
2019-02-14: Kruskal's Algorithm for Minimum Spanning Forest
Authors: Maximilian P.L. Haslbeck, Peter Lammich and Julian Biendarra
2019-02-11: Probabilistic Primality Testing
Authors: Daniel Stüwe and Manuel Eberl
2019-02-08: Universal Turing Machine
Authors: Jian Xu, Xingyuan Zhang, Christian Urban and Sebastiaan J. C. Joosten
2019-02-01: Isabelle/UTP: Mechanised Theory Engineering for Unifying Theories of Programming
Authors: Simon Foster, Frank Zeyda, Yakoub Nemouchi, Pedro Ribeiro and Burkhart Wolff
2019-02-01: The Inversions of a List
Author: Manuel Eberl
2019-01-17: Farkas' Lemma and Motzkin's Transposition Theorem
Authors: Ralph Bottesch, Max W. Haslbeck and René Thiemann
2019-01-15: IMP2 – Simple Program Verification in Isabelle/HOL
Authors: Peter Lammich and Simon Wimmer
2019-01-15: An Algebra for Higher-Order Terms
Author: Lars Hupel
2019-01-07: A Reduction Theorem for Store Buffers
Authors: Ernie Cohen and Norbert Schirmer


2018-12-26: A Formal Model of the Document Object Model
Authors: Achim D. Brucker and Michael Herzberg
2018-12-25: Formalization of Concurrent Revisions
Author: Roy Overbeek
2018-12-21: Verifying Imperative Programs using Auto2
Author: Bohua Zhan
2018-12-17: Constructive Cryptography in HOL
Authors: Andreas Lochbihler and S. Reza Sefidgar
2018-12-11: Transformer Semantics
Author: Georg Struth
2018-12-11: Quantales
Author: Georg Struth
2018-12-11: Properties of Orderings and Lattices
Author: Georg Struth
2018-11-23: Graph Saturation
Author: Sebastiaan J. C. Joosten
2018-11-23: A Verified Functional Implementation of Bachmair and Ganzinger's Ordered Resolution Prover
Authors: Anders Schlichtkrull, Jasmin Christian Blanchette and Dmitriy Traytel
2018-11-20: Auto2 Prover
Author: Bohua Zhan
2018-11-16: Matroids
Author: Jonas Keinholz
2018-11-06: Deriving generic class instances for datatypes
Authors: Jonas Rädle and Lars Hupel
2018-10-30: Formalisation and Evaluation of Alan Gewirth's Proof for the Principle of Generic Consistency in Isabelle/HOL
Authors: David Fuenmayor and Christoph Benzmüller
2018-10-29: Epistemic Logic
Author: Asta Halkjær From
2018-10-22: Smooth Manifolds
Authors: Fabian Immler and Bohua Zhan
2018-10-19: Randomised Binary Search Trees
Author: Manuel Eberl
2018-10-19: Formalization of the Embedding Path Order for Lambda-Free Higher-Order Terms
Author: Alexander Bentkamp
2018-10-12: Upper Bounding Diameters of State Spaces of Factored Transition Systems
Authors: Friedrich Kurz and Mohammad Abdulaziz
2018-09-28: The Transcendence of π
Author: Manuel Eberl
2018-09-25: Symmetric Polynomials
Author: Manuel Eberl
2018-09-20: Signature-Based Gröbner Basis Algorithms
Author: Alexander Maletzky
2018-09-19: The Prime Number Theorem
Authors: Manuel Eberl and Lawrence C. Paulson
2018-09-15: Aggregation Algebras
Author: Walter Guttmann
2018-09-14: Octonions
Author: Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki
2018-09-05: Quaternions
Author: Lawrence C. Paulson
2018-09-02: The Budan-Fourier Theorem and Counting Real Roots with Multiplicity
Author: Wenda Li
2018-08-24: An Incremental Simplex Algorithm with Unsatisfiable Core Generation
Authors: Filip Marić, Mirko Spasić and René Thiemann
2018-08-14: Minsky Machines
Author: Bertram Felgenhauer
2018-07-16: Pricing in discrete financial models
Author: Mnacho Echenim
2018-07-04: Von-Neumann-Morgenstern Utility Theorem
Authors: Julian Parsert and Cezary Kaliszyk
2018-06-23: Pell's Equation
Author: Manuel Eberl
2018-06-14: Projective Geometry
Author: Anthony Bordg
2018-06-14: The Localization of a Commutative Ring
Author: Anthony Bordg
2018-06-05: Partial Order Reduction
Author: Julian Brunner
2018-05-27: Optimal Binary Search Trees
Authors: Tobias Nipkow and Dániel Somogyi
2018-05-25: Hidden Markov Models
Author: Simon Wimmer
2018-05-24: Probabilistic Timed Automata
Authors: Simon Wimmer and Johannes Hölzl
2018-05-23: Irrational Rapidly Convergent Series
Authors: Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki and Wenda Li
2018-05-23: Axiom Systems for Category Theory in Free Logic
Authors: Christoph Benzmüller and Dana Scott
2018-05-22: Monadification, Memoization and Dynamic Programming
Authors: Simon Wimmer, Shuwei Hu and Tobias Nipkow
2018-05-10: OpSets: Sequential Specifications for Replicated Datatypes
Authors: Martin Kleppmann, Victor B. F. Gomes, Dominic P. Mulligan and Alastair R. Beresford
2018-05-07: An Isabelle/HOL Formalization of the Modular Assembly Kit for Security Properties
Authors: Oliver Bračevac, Richard Gay, Sylvia Grewe, Heiko Mantel, Henning Sudbrock and Markus Tasch
2018-04-29: WebAssembly
Author: Conrad Watt
2018-04-27: VerifyThis 2018 - Polished Isabelle Solutions
Authors: Peter Lammich and Simon Wimmer
2018-04-24: Bounded Natural Functors with Covariance and Contravariance
Authors: Andreas Lochbihler and Joshua Schneider
2018-03-22: The Incompatibility of Fishburn-Strategyproofness and Pareto-Efficiency
Authors: Felix Brandt, Manuel Eberl, Christian Saile and Christian Stricker
2018-03-13: Weight-Balanced Trees
Authors: Tobias Nipkow and Stefan Dirix
2018-03-12: CakeML
Authors: Lars Hupel and Yu Zhang
2018-03-01: A Theory of Architectural Design Patterns
Author: Diego Marmsoler
2018-02-26: Hoare Logics for Time Bounds
Authors: Maximilian P. L. Haslbeck and Tobias Nipkow
2018-02-06: Treaps
Authors: Maximilian Haslbeck, Manuel Eberl and Tobias Nipkow
2018-02-06: A verified factorization algorithm for integer polynomials with polynomial complexity
Authors: Jose Divasón, Sebastiaan Joosten, René Thiemann and Akihisa Yamada
2018-02-06: First-Order Terms
Authors: Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann
2018-02-06: The Error Function
Author: Manuel Eberl
2018-02-02: A verified LLL algorithm
Authors: Ralph Bottesch, Jose Divasón, Maximilian Haslbeck, Sebastiaan Joosten, René Thiemann and Akihisa Yamada
2018-01-18: Formalization of Bachmair and Ganzinger's Ordered Resolution Prover
Authors: Anders Schlichtkrull, Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Dmitriy Traytel and Uwe Waldmann
2018-01-16: Gromov Hyperbolicity
Author: Sebastien Gouezel
2018-01-11: An Isabelle/HOL formalisation of Green's Theorem
Authors: Mohammad Abdulaziz and Lawrence C. Paulson
2018-01-08: Taylor Models
Authors: Christoph Traut and Fabian Immler


2017-12-22: The Falling Factorial of a Sum
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2017-12-21: The Median-of-Medians Selection Algorithm
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-12-21: The Mason–Stothers Theorem
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-12-21: Dirichlet L-Functions and Dirichlet's Theorem
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-12-19: Operations on Bounded Natural Functors
Authors: Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel
2017-12-18: The string search algorithm by Knuth, Morris and Pratt
Authors: Fabian Hellauer and Peter Lammich
2017-11-22: Stochastic Matrices and the Perron-Frobenius Theorem
Author: René Thiemann
2017-11-09: The IMAP CmRDT
Authors: Tim Jungnickel, Lennart Oldenburg and Matthias Loibl
2017-11-06: Hybrid Multi-Lane Spatial Logic
Author: Sven Linker
2017-10-26: The Kuratowski Closure-Complement Theorem
Authors: Peter Gammie and Gianpaolo Gioiosa
2017-10-19: Transition Systems and Automata
Author: Julian Brunner
2017-10-19: Büchi Complementation
Author: Julian Brunner
2017-10-17: Evaluate Winding Numbers through Cauchy Indices
Author: Wenda Li
2017-10-17: Count the Number of Complex Roots
Author: Wenda Li
2017-10-14: Homogeneous Linear Diophantine Equations
Authors: Florian Messner, Julian Parsert, Jonas Schöpf and Christian Sternagel
2017-10-12: The Hurwitz and Riemann ζ Functions
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-10-12: Linear Recurrences
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-10-12: Dirichlet Series
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-09-21: Computer-assisted Reconstruction and Assessment of E. J. Lowe's Modal Ontological Argument
Authors: David Fuenmayor and Christoph Benzmüller
2017-09-17: Representation and Partial Automation of the Principia Logico-Metaphysica in Isabelle/HOL
Author: Daniel Kirchner
2017-09-06: Anselm's God in Isabelle/HOL
Author: Ben Blumson
2017-09-01: Microeconomics and the First Welfare Theorem
Authors: Julian Parsert and Cezary Kaliszyk
2017-08-20: Root-Balanced Tree
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2017-08-20: Orbit-Stabiliser Theorem with Application to Rotational Symmetries
Author: Jonas Rädle
2017-08-16: The LambdaMu-calculus
Authors: Cristina Matache, Victor B. F. Gomes and Dominic P. Mulligan
2017-07-31: Stewart's Theorem and Apollonius' Theorem
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2017-07-28: Dynamic Architectures
Author: Diego Marmsoler
2017-07-21: Declarative Semantics for Functional Languages
Author: Jeremy Siek
2017-07-15: HOLCF-Prelude
Authors: Joachim Breitner, Brian Huffman, Neil Mitchell and Christian Sternagel
2017-07-13: Minkowski's Theorem
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-07-09: Verified Metatheory and Type Inference for a Name-Carrying Simply-Typed Lambda Calculus
Author: Michael Rawson
2017-07-07: A framework for establishing Strong Eventual Consistency for Conflict-free Replicated Datatypes
Authors: Victor B. F. Gomes, Martin Kleppmann, Dominic P. Mulligan and Alastair R. Beresford
2017-07-06: Stone-Kleene Relation Algebras
Author: Walter Guttmann
2017-06-21: Propositional Proof Systems
Authors: Julius Michaelis and Tobias Nipkow
2017-06-13: Partial Semigroups and Convolution Algebras
Authors: Brijesh Dongol, Victor B. F. Gomes, Ian J. Hayes and Georg Struth
2017-06-06: Buffon's Needle Problem
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-06-01: Formalizing Push-Relabel Algorithms
Authors: Peter Lammich and S. Reza Sefidgar
2017-06-01: Flow Networks and the Min-Cut-Max-Flow Theorem
Authors: Peter Lammich and S. Reza Sefidgar
2017-05-25: Optics
Authors: Simon Foster and Frank Zeyda
2017-05-24: Developing Security Protocols by Refinement
Authors: Christoph Sprenger and Ivano Somaini
2017-05-24: Dictionary Construction
Author: Lars Hupel
2017-05-08: The Floyd-Warshall Algorithm for Shortest Paths
Authors: Simon Wimmer and Peter Lammich
2017-05-05: Probabilistic while loop
Author: Andreas Lochbihler
2017-05-05: Effect polymorphism in higher-order logic
Author: Andreas Lochbihler
2017-05-05: Monad normalisation
Authors: Joshua Schneider, Manuel Eberl and Andreas Lochbihler
2017-05-05: Game-based cryptography in HOL
Authors: Andreas Lochbihler, S. Reza Sefidgar and Bhargav Bhatt
2017-05-05: CryptHOL
Author: Andreas Lochbihler
2017-05-04: Monoidal Categories
Author: Eugene W. Stark
2017-05-01: Types, Tableaus and Gödel’s God in Isabelle/HOL
Authors: David Fuenmayor and Christoph Benzmüller
2017-04-28: Local Lexing
Author: Steven Obua
2017-04-19: Constructor Functions
Author: Lars Hupel
2017-04-18: Lazifying case constants
Author: Lars Hupel
2017-04-06: Subresultants
Authors: Sebastiaan Joosten, René Thiemann and Akihisa Yamada
2017-04-04: Expected Shape of Random Binary Search Trees
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-03-15: The number of comparisons in QuickSort
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-03-15: Lower bound on comparison-based sorting algorithms
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-03-10: The Euler–MacLaurin Formula
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-02-28: The Group Law for Elliptic Curves
Author: Stefan Berghofer
2017-02-26: Menger's Theorem
Author: Christoph Dittmann
2017-02-13: Differential Dynamic Logic
Author: Brandon Bohrer
2017-02-10: Abstract Soundness
Authors: Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel
2017-02-07: Stone Relation Algebras
Author: Walter Guttmann
2017-01-31: Refining Authenticated Key Agreement with Strong Adversaries
Authors: Joseph Lallemand and Christoph Sprenger
2017-01-24: Bernoulli Numbers
Authors: Lukas Bulwahn and Manuel Eberl
2017-01-17: Minimal Static Single Assignment Form
Authors: Max Wagner and Denis Lohner
2017-01-17: Bertrand's postulate
Authors: Julian Biendarra and Manuel Eberl
2017-01-12: The Transcendence of e
Author: Manuel Eberl
2017-01-08: Formal Network Models and Their Application to Firewall Policies
Authors: Achim D. Brucker, Lukas Brügger and Burkhart Wolff
2017-01-03: Verification of a Diffie-Hellman Password-based Authentication Protocol by Extending the Inductive Method
Author: Pasquale Noce
2017-01-01: First-Order Logic According to Harrison
Authors: Alexander Birch Jensen, Anders Schlichtkrull and Jørgen Villadsen


2016-12-30: Concurrent Refinement Algebra and Rely Quotients
Authors: Julian Fell, Ian J. Hayes and Andrius Velykis
2016-12-29: The Twelvefold Way
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2016-12-20: Proof Strategy Language
Author: Yutaka Nagashima
2016-12-07: Paraconsistency
Authors: Anders Schlichtkrull and Jørgen Villadsen
2016-11-29: COMPLX: A Verification Framework for Concurrent Imperative Programs
Authors: Sidney Amani, June Andronick, Maksym Bortin, Corey Lewis, Christine Rizkallah and Joseph Tuong
2016-11-23: Abstract Interpretation of Annotated Commands
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2016-11-16: Separata: Isabelle tactics for Separation Algebra
Authors: Zhe Hou, David Sanan, Alwen Tiu, Rajeev Gore and Ranald Clouston
2016-11-12: Formalization of Nested Multisets, Hereditary Multisets, and Syntactic Ordinals
Authors: Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Mathias Fleury and Dmitriy Traytel
2016-11-12: Formalization of Knuth–Bendix Orders for Lambda-Free Higher-Order Terms
Authors: Heiko Becker, Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Uwe Waldmann and Daniel Wand
2016-11-10: Expressiveness of Deep Learning
Author: Alexander Bentkamp
2016-10-25: Modal Logics for Nominal Transition Systems
Authors: Tjark Weber, Lars-Henrik Eriksson, Joachim Parrow, Johannes Borgström and Ramunas Gutkovas
2016-10-24: Stable Matching
Author: Peter Gammie
2016-10-21: LOFT — Verified Migration of Linux Firewalls to SDN
Authors: Julius Michaelis and Cornelius Diekmann
2016-10-19: Source Coding Theorem
Authors: Quentin Hibon and Lawrence C. Paulson
2016-10-19: A formal model for the SPARCv8 ISA and a proof of non-interference for the LEON3 processor
Authors: Zhe Hou, David Sanan, Alwen Tiu and Yang Liu
2016-10-14: The Factorization Algorithm of Berlekamp and Zassenhaus
Authors: Jose Divasón, Sebastiaan Joosten, René Thiemann and Akihisa Yamada
2016-10-11: Intersecting Chords Theorem
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2016-10-05: Lp spaces
Author: Sebastien Gouezel
2016-09-30: Fisher–Yates shuffle
Author: Manuel Eberl
2016-09-29: Allen's Interval Calculus
Author: Fadoua Ghourabi
2016-09-23: Formalization of Recursive Path Orders for Lambda-Free Higher-Order Terms
Authors: Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Uwe Waldmann and Daniel Wand
2016-09-09: Iptables Semantics
Authors: Cornelius Diekmann and Lars Hupel
2016-09-06: A Variant of the Superposition Calculus
Author: Nicolas Peltier
2016-09-06: Stone Algebras
Author: Walter Guttmann
2016-09-01: Stirling's formula
Author: Manuel Eberl
2016-08-31: Routing
Authors: Julius Michaelis and Cornelius Diekmann
2016-08-24: Simple Firewall
Authors: Cornelius Diekmann, Julius Michaelis and Maximilian Haslbeck
2016-08-18: Infeasible Paths Elimination by Symbolic Execution Techniques: Proof of Correctness and Preservation of Paths
Authors: Romain Aissat, Frederic Voisin and Burkhart Wolff
2016-08-12: Formalizing the Edmonds-Karp Algorithm
Authors: Peter Lammich and S. Reza Sefidgar
2016-08-08: The Imperative Refinement Framework
Author: Peter Lammich
2016-08-07: Ptolemy's Theorem
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2016-07-17: Surprise Paradox
Author: Joachim Breitner
2016-07-14: Pairing Heap
Authors: Hauke Brinkop and Tobias Nipkow
2016-07-05: A Framework for Verifying Depth-First Search Algorithms
Authors: Peter Lammich and René Neumann
2016-07-01: Chamber Complexes, Coxeter Systems, and Buildings
Author: Jeremy Sylvestre
2016-06-30: The Z Property
Authors: Bertram Felgenhauer, Julian Nagele, Vincent van Oostrom and Christian Sternagel
2016-06-30: The Resolution Calculus for First-Order Logic
Author: Anders Schlichtkrull
2016-06-28: IP Addresses
Authors: Cornelius Diekmann, Julius Michaelis and Lars Hupel
2016-06-28: Compositional Security-Preserving Refinement for Concurrent Imperative Programs
Authors: Toby Murray, Robert Sison, Edward Pierzchalski and Christine Rizkallah
2016-06-26: Category Theory with Adjunctions and Limits
Author: Eugene W. Stark
2016-06-26: Cardinality of Multisets
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2016-06-25: A Dependent Security Type System for Concurrent Imperative Programs
Authors: Toby Murray, Robert Sison, Edward Pierzchalski and Christine Rizkallah
2016-06-21: Catalan Numbers
Author: Manuel Eberl
2016-06-18: Program Construction and Verification Components Based on Kleene Algebra
Authors: Victor B. F. Gomes and Georg Struth
2016-06-13: Conservation of CSP Noninterference Security under Concurrent Composition
Author: Pasquale Noce
2016-06-09: Finite Machine Word Library
Authors: Joel Beeren, Matthew Fernandez, Xin Gao, Gerwin Klein, Rafal Kolanski, Japheth Lim, Corey Lewis, Daniel Matichuk and Thomas Sewell
2016-05-31: Tree Decomposition
Author: Christoph Dittmann
2016-05-24: POSIX Lexing with Derivatives of Regular Expressions
Authors: Fahad Ausaf, Roy Dyckhoff and Christian Urban
2016-05-24: Cardinality of Equivalence Relations
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2016-05-20: Perron-Frobenius Theorem for Spectral Radius Analysis
Authors: Jose Divasón, Ondřej Kunčar, René Thiemann and Akihisa Yamada
2016-05-20: The meta theory of the Incredible Proof Machine
Authors: Joachim Breitner and Denis Lohner
2016-05-18: A Constructive Proof for FLP
Authors: Benjamin Bisping, Paul-David Brodmann, Tim Jungnickel, Christina Rickmann, Henning Seidler, Anke Stüber, Arno Wilhelm-Weidner, Kirstin Peters and Uwe Nestmann
2016-05-09: A Formal Proof of the Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem for Countable Networks
Author: Andreas Lochbihler
2016-05-05: Randomised Social Choice Theory
Author: Manuel Eberl
2016-05-04: The Incompatibility of SD-Efficiency and SD-Strategy-Proofness
Author: Manuel Eberl
2016-05-04: Spivey's Generalized Recurrence for Bell Numbers
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2016-05-02: Gröbner Bases Theory
Authors: Fabian Immler and Alexander Maletzky
2016-04-28: No Faster-Than-Light Observers
Authors: Mike Stannett and István Németi
2016-04-27: Algorithms for Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams
Authors: Julius Michaelis, Maximilian Haslbeck, Peter Lammich and Lars Hupel
2016-04-27: A formalisation of the Cocke-Younger-Kasami algorithm
Author: Maksym Bortin
2016-04-26: Conservation of CSP Noninterference Security under Sequential Composition
Author: Pasquale Noce
2016-04-12: Kleene Algebras with Domain
Authors: Victor B. F. Gomes, Walter Guttmann, Peter Höfner, Georg Struth and Tjark Weber
2016-03-11: Propositional Resolution and Prime Implicates Generation
Author: Nicolas Peltier
2016-03-08: Timed Automata
Author: Simon Wimmer
2016-03-08: The Cartan Fixed Point Theorems
Author: Lawrence C. Paulson
2016-03-01: Linear Temporal Logic
Author: Salomon Sickert
2016-02-17: Analysis of List Update Algorithms
Authors: Maximilian P.L. Haslbeck and Tobias Nipkow
2016-02-05: Verified Construction of Static Single Assignment Form
Authors: Sebastian Ullrich and Denis Lohner
2016-01-29: Polynomial Interpolation
Authors: René Thiemann and Akihisa Yamada
2016-01-29: Polynomial Factorization
Authors: René Thiemann and Akihisa Yamada
2016-01-20: Knot Theory
Author: T.V.H. Prathamesh
2016-01-18: Tensor Product of Matrices
Author: T.V.H. Prathamesh
2016-01-14: Cardinality of Number Partitions
Author: Lukas Bulwahn


2015-12-28: Basic Geometric Properties of Triangles
Author: Manuel Eberl
2015-12-28: The Divergence of the Prime Harmonic Series
Author: Manuel Eberl
2015-12-28: Liouville numbers
Author: Manuel Eberl
2015-12-28: Descartes' Rule of Signs
Author: Manuel Eberl
2015-12-22: The Stern-Brocot Tree
Authors: Peter Gammie and Andreas Lochbihler
2015-12-22: Applicative Lifting
Authors: Andreas Lochbihler and Joshua Schneider
2015-12-22: Algebraic Numbers in Isabelle/HOL
Authors: René Thiemann, Akihisa Yamada and Sebastiaan Joosten
2015-12-12: Cardinality of Set Partitions
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2015-12-02: Latin Square
Author: Alexander Bentkamp
2015-12-01: Ergodic Theory
Author: Sebastien Gouezel
2015-11-19: Euler's Partition Theorem
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2015-11-18: The Tortoise and Hare Algorithm
Author: Peter Gammie
2015-11-11: Planarity Certificates
Author: Lars Noschinski
2015-11-02: Positional Determinacy of Parity Games
Author: Christoph Dittmann
2015-09-16: A Meta-Model for the Isabelle API
Authors: Frédéric Tuong and Burkhart Wolff
2015-09-04: Converting Linear Temporal Logic to Deterministic (Generalized) Rabin Automata
Author: Salomon Sickert
2015-08-21: Matrices, Jordan Normal Forms, and Spectral Radius Theory
Authors: René Thiemann and Akihisa Yamada
2015-08-20: Decreasing Diagrams II
Author: Bertram Felgenhauer
2015-08-18: The Inductive Unwinding Theorem for CSP Noninterference Security
Author: Pasquale Noce
2015-08-12: Representations of Finite Groups
Author: Jeremy Sylvestre
2015-08-10: Analysing and Comparing Encodability Criteria for Process Calculi
Authors: Kirstin Peters and Rob van Glabbeek
2015-07-21: Generating Cases from Labeled Subgoals
Author: Lars Noschinski
2015-07-14: Landau Symbols
Author: Manuel Eberl
2015-07-14: The Akra-Bazzi theorem and the Master theorem
Author: Manuel Eberl
2015-07-07: Hermite Normal Form
Authors: Jose Divasón and Jesús Aransay
2015-06-27: Derangements Formula
Author: Lukas Bulwahn
2015-06-11: The Ipurge Unwinding Theorem for CSP Noninterference Security
Author: Pasquale Noce
2015-06-11: The Generic Unwinding Theorem for CSP Noninterference Security
Author: Pasquale Noce
2015-06-11: Binary Multirelations
Authors: Hitoshi Furusawa and Georg Struth
2015-06-11: Reasoning about Lists via List Interleaving
Author: Pasquale Noce
2015-06-07: Parameterized Dynamic Tables
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2015-05-28: Derivatives of Logical Formulas
Author: Dmitriy Traytel
2015-05-27: A Zoo of Probabilistic Systems
Authors: Johannes Hölzl, Andreas Lochbihler and Dmitriy Traytel
2015-04-30: VCG - Combinatorial Vickrey-Clarke-Groves Auctions
Authors: Marco B. Caminati, Manfred Kerber, Christoph Lange and Colin Rowat
2015-04-15: Residuated Lattices
Authors: Victor B. F. Gomes and Georg Struth
2015-04-13: Concurrent IMP
Author: Peter Gammie
2015-04-13: Relaxing Safely: Verified On-the-Fly Garbage Collection for x86-TSO
Authors: Peter Gammie, Tony Hosking and Kai Engelhardt
2015-03-30: Trie
Authors: Andreas Lochbihler and Tobias Nipkow
2015-03-18: Consensus Refined
Authors: Ognjen Maric and Christoph Sprenger
2015-03-11: Deriving class instances for datatypes
Authors: Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann
2015-02-20: The Safety of Call Arity
Author: Joachim Breitner
2015-02-12: QR Decomposition
Authors: Jose Divasón and Jesús Aransay
2015-02-12: Echelon Form
Authors: Jose Divasón and Jesús Aransay
2015-02-05: Finite Automata in Hereditarily Finite Set Theory
Author: Lawrence C. Paulson
2015-01-28: Verification of the UpDown Scheme
Author: Johannes Hölzl


2014-11-28: The Unified Policy Framework (UPF)
Authors: Achim D. Brucker, Lukas Brügger and Burkhart Wolff
2014-10-23: Loop freedom of the (untimed) AODV routing protocol
Authors: Timothy Bourke and Peter Höfner
2014-10-13: Lifting Definition Option
Author: René Thiemann
2014-10-10: Stream Fusion in HOL with Code Generation
Authors: Andreas Lochbihler and Alexandra Maximova
2014-10-09: A Verified Compiler for Probability Density Functions
Authors: Manuel Eberl, Johannes Hölzl and Tobias Nipkow
2014-10-08: Formalization of Refinement Calculus for Reactive Systems
Author: Viorel Preoteasa
2014-10-03: XML
Authors: Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann
2014-10-03: Certification Monads
Authors: Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann
2014-09-25: Imperative Insertion Sort
Author: Christian Sternagel
2014-09-19: The Sturm-Tarski Theorem
Author: Wenda Li
2014-09-15: The Cayley-Hamilton Theorem
Authors: Stephan Adelsberger, Stefan Hetzl and Florian Pollak
2014-09-09: The Jordan-Hölder Theorem
Author: Jakob von Raumer
2014-09-04: Priority Queues Based on Braun Trees
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2014-09-03: Gauss-Jordan Algorithm and Its Applications
Authors: Jose Divasón and Jesús Aransay
2014-08-29: Vector Spaces
Author: Holden Lee
2014-08-29: Real-Valued Special Functions: Upper and Lower Bounds
Author: Lawrence C. Paulson
2014-08-13: Skew Heap
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2014-08-12: Splay Tree
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2014-07-29: Haskell's Show Class in Isabelle/HOL
Authors: Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann
2014-07-18: Formal Specification of a Generic Separation Kernel
Authors: Freek Verbeek, Sergey Tverdyshev, Oto Havle, Holger Blasum, Bruno Langenstein, Werner Stephan, Yakoub Nemouchi, Abderrahmane Feliachi, Burkhart Wolff and Julien Schmaltz
2014-07-13: pGCL for Isabelle
Author: David Cock
2014-07-07: Amortized Complexity Verified
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2014-07-04: Network Security Policy Verification
Author: Cornelius Diekmann
2014-07-03: Pop-Refinement
Author: Alessandro Coglio
2014-06-12: Decision Procedures for MSO on Words Based on Derivatives of Regular Expressions
Authors: Dmitriy Traytel and Tobias Nipkow
2014-06-08: Boolean Expression Checkers
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2014-05-28: Promela Formalization
Author: René Neumann
2014-05-28: Converting Linear-Time Temporal Logic to Generalized Büchi Automata
Authors: Alexander Schimpf and Peter Lammich
2014-05-28: Verified Efficient Implementation of Gabow's Strongly Connected Components Algorithm
Author: Peter Lammich
2014-05-28: A Fully Verified Executable LTL Model Checker
Authors: Javier Esparza, Peter Lammich, René Neumann, Tobias Nipkow, Alexander Schimpf and Jan-Georg Smaus
2014-05-28: The CAVA Automata Library
Author: Peter Lammich
2014-05-23: Transitive closure according to Roy-Floyd-Warshall
Author: Makarius Wenzel
2014-05-23: Noninterference Security in Communicating Sequential Processes
Author: Pasquale Noce
2014-05-21: Regular Algebras
Authors: Simon Foster and Georg Struth
2014-04-28: Formalisation and Analysis of Component Dependencies
Author: Maria Spichkova
2014-04-23: A Formalization of Declassification with WHAT-and-WHERE-Security
Authors: Sylvia Grewe, Alexander Lux, Heiko Mantel and Jens Sauer
2014-04-23: A Formalization of Strong Security
Authors: Sylvia Grewe, Alexander Lux, Heiko Mantel and Jens Sauer
2014-04-23: A Formalization of Assumptions and Guarantees for Compositional Noninterference
Authors: Sylvia Grewe, Heiko Mantel and Daniel Schoepe
2014-04-22: Bounded-Deducibility Security
Authors: Andrei Popescu and Peter Lammich
2014-04-16: A shallow embedding of HyperCTL*
Authors: Markus N. Rabe, Peter Lammich and Andrei Popescu
2014-04-16: Abstract Completeness
Authors: Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel
2014-04-13: Discrete Summation
Author: Florian Haftmann
2014-04-03: Syntax and semantics of a GPU kernel programming language
Author: John Wickerson
2014-03-11: Probabilistic Noninterference
Authors: Andrei Popescu and Johannes Hölzl
2014-03-08: Mechanization of the Algebra for Wireless Networks (AWN)
Author: Timothy Bourke
2014-02-18: Mutually Recursive Partial Functions
Author: René Thiemann
2014-02-13: Properties of Random Graphs -- Subgraph Containment
Author: Lars Hupel
2014-02-11: Verification of Selection and Heap Sort Using Locales
Author: Danijela Petrovic
2014-02-07: Affine Arithmetic
Author: Fabian Immler
2014-02-06: Implementing field extensions of the form Q[sqrt(b)]
Author: René Thiemann
2014-01-30: Unified Decision Procedures for Regular Expression Equivalence
Authors: Tobias Nipkow and Dmitriy Traytel
2014-01-28: Secondary Sylow Theorems
Author: Jakob von Raumer
2014-01-25: Relation Algebra
Authors: Alasdair Armstrong, Simon Foster, Georg Struth and Tjark Weber
2014-01-23: Kleene Algebra with Tests and Demonic Refinement Algebras
Authors: Alasdair Armstrong, Victor B. F. Gomes and Georg Struth
2014-01-16: Featherweight OCL: A Proposal for a Machine-Checked Formal Semantics for OCL 2.5
Authors: Achim D. Brucker, Frédéric Tuong and Burkhart Wolff
2014-01-11: Sturm's Theorem
Author: Manuel Eberl
2014-01-11: Compositional Properties of Crypto-Based Components
Author: Maria Spichkova


2013-12-01: A General Method for the Proof of Theorems on Tail-recursive Functions
Author: Pasquale Noce
2013-11-17: Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems
Author: Lawrence C. Paulson
2013-11-17: The Hereditarily Finite Sets
Author: Lawrence C. Paulson
2013-11-15: A Codatatype of Formal Languages
Author: Dmitriy Traytel
2013-11-14: Stream Processing Components: Isabelle/HOL Formalisation and Case Studies
Author: Maria Spichkova
2013-11-12: Gödel's God in Isabelle/HOL
Authors: Christoph Benzmüller and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo
2013-11-01: Decreasing Diagrams
Author: Harald Zankl
2013-10-02: Automatic Data Refinement
Author: Peter Lammich
2013-09-17: Native Word
Author: Andreas Lochbihler
2013-07-27: A Formal Model of IEEE Floating Point Arithmetic
Author: Lei Yu
2013-07-22: Pratt's Primality Certificates
Authors: Simon Wimmer and Lars Noschinski
2013-07-22: Lehmer's Theorem
Authors: Simon Wimmer and Lars Noschinski
2013-07-19: The Königsberg Bridge Problem and the Friendship Theorem
Author: Wenda Li
2013-06-27: Sound and Complete Sort Encodings for First-Order Logic
Authors: Jasmin Christian Blanchette and Andrei Popescu
2013-05-22: An Axiomatic Characterization of the Single-Source Shortest Path Problem
Author: Christine Rizkallah
2013-04-28: Graph Theory
Author: Lars Noschinski
2013-04-15: Light-weight Containers
Author: Andreas Lochbihler
2013-02-21: Nominal 2
Authors: Christian Urban, Stefan Berghofer and Cezary Kaliszyk
2013-01-31: The Correctness of Launchbury's Natural Semantics for Lazy Evaluation
Author: Joachim Breitner
2013-01-19: Ribbon Proofs
Author: John Wickerson
2013-01-16: Rank-Nullity Theorem in Linear Algebra
Authors: Jose Divasón and Jesús Aransay
2013-01-15: Kleene Algebra
Authors: Alasdair Armstrong, Georg Struth and Tjark Weber
2013-01-03: Computing N-th Roots using the Babylonian Method
Author: René Thiemann


2012-11-14: A Separation Logic Framework for Imperative HOL
Authors: Peter Lammich and Rene Meis
2012-11-02: Open Induction
Authors: Mizuhito Ogawa and Christian Sternagel
2012-10-30: The independence of Tarski's Euclidean axiom
Author: T. J. M. Makarios
2012-10-27: Bondy's Theorem
Authors: Jeremy Avigad and Stefan Hetzl
2012-09-10: Possibilistic Noninterference
Authors: Andrei Popescu and Johannes Hölzl
2012-08-07: Generating linear orders for datatypes
Author: René Thiemann
2012-08-05: Proving the Impossibility of Trisecting an Angle and Doubling the Cube
Authors: Ralph Romanos and Lawrence C. Paulson
2012-07-27: Verifying Fault-Tolerant Distributed Algorithms in the Heard-Of Model
Authors: Henri Debrat and Stephan Merz
2012-07-01: Logical Relations for PCF
Author: Peter Gammie
2012-06-26: Type Constructor Classes and Monad Transformers
Author: Brian Huffman
2012-05-29: Psi-calculi in Isabelle
Author: Jesper Bengtson
2012-05-29: The pi-calculus in nominal logic
Author: Jesper Bengtson
2012-05-29: CCS in nominal logic
Author: Jesper Bengtson
2012-05-27: Isabelle/Circus
Authors: Abderrahmane Feliachi, Burkhart Wolff and Marie-Claude Gaudel
2012-05-11: Separation Algebra
Authors: Gerwin Klein, Rafal Kolanski and Andrew Boyton
2012-05-07: Stuttering Equivalence
Author: Stephan Merz
2012-05-02: Inductive Study of Confidentiality
Author: Giampaolo Bella
2012-04-26: Ordinary Differential Equations
Authors: Fabian Immler and Johannes Hölzl
2012-04-13: Well-Quasi-Orders
Author: Christian Sternagel
2012-03-01: Abortable Linearizable Modules
Authors: Rachid Guerraoui, Viktor Kuncak and Giuliano Losa
2012-02-29: Executable Transitive Closures
Author: René Thiemann
2012-02-06: A Probabilistic Proof of the Girth-Chromatic Number Theorem
Author: Lars Noschinski
2012-01-30: Refinement for Monadic Programs
Author: Peter Lammich
2012-01-30: Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm
Authors: Benedikt Nordhoff and Peter Lammich
2012-01-03: Markov Models
Authors: Johannes Hölzl and Tobias Nipkow


2011-11-19: A Definitional Encoding of TLA* in Isabelle/HOL
Authors: Gudmund Grov and Stephan Merz
2011-11-09: Efficient Mergesort
Author: Christian Sternagel
2011-09-22: Pseudo Hoops
Authors: George Georgescu, Laurentiu Leustean and Viorel Preoteasa
2011-09-22: Algebra of Monotonic Boolean Transformers
Author: Viorel Preoteasa
2011-09-22: Lattice Properties
Author: Viorel Preoteasa
2011-08-26: The Myhill-Nerode Theorem Based on Regular Expressions
Authors: Chunhan Wu, Xingyuan Zhang and Christian Urban
2011-08-19: Gauss-Jordan Elimination for Matrices Represented as Functions
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2011-07-21: Maximum Cardinality Matching
Author: Christine Rizkallah
2011-05-17: Knowledge-based programs
Author: Peter Gammie
2011-04-01: The General Triangle Is Unique
Author: Joachim Breitner
2011-03-14: Executable Transitive Closures of Finite Relations
Authors: Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann
2011-02-23: Interval Temporal Logic on Natural Numbers
Author: David Trachtenherz
2011-02-23: Infinite Lists
Author: David Trachtenherz
2011-02-23: AutoFocus Stream Processing for Single-Clocking and Multi-Clocking Semantics
Author: David Trachtenherz
2011-02-07: Lightweight Java
Authors: Rok Strniša and Matthew Parkinson
2011-01-10: RIPEMD-160
Author: Fabian Immler
2011-01-08: Lower Semicontinuous Functions
Author: Bogdan Grechuk


2010-12-17: Hall's Marriage Theorem
Authors: Dongchen Jiang and Tobias Nipkow
2010-11-16: Shivers' Control Flow Analysis
Author: Joachim Breitner
2010-10-28: Finger Trees
Authors: Benedikt Nordhoff, Stefan Körner and Peter Lammich
2010-10-28: Functional Binomial Queues
Author: René Neumann
2010-10-28: Binomial Heaps and Skew Binomial Heaps
Authors: Rene Meis, Finn Nielsen and Peter Lammich
2010-08-29: Strong Normalization of Moggis's Computational Metalanguage
Author: Christian Doczkal
2010-08-10: Executable Multivariate Polynomials
Authors: Christian Sternagel, René Thiemann, Alexander Maletzky, Fabian Immler, Florian Haftmann, Andreas Lochbihler and Alexander Bentkamp
2010-08-08: Formalizing Statecharts using Hierarchical Automata
Authors: Steffen Helke and Florian Kammüller
2010-06-24: Free Groups
Author: Joachim Breitner
2010-06-20: Category Theory
Author: Alexander Katovsky
2010-06-17: Executable Matrix Operations on Matrices of Arbitrary Dimensions
Authors: Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann
2010-06-14: Abstract Rewriting
Authors: Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann
2010-05-28: Verification of the Deutsch-Schorr-Waite Graph Marking Algorithm using Data Refinement
Authors: Viorel Preoteasa and Ralph-Johan Back
2010-05-28: Semantics and Data Refinement of Invariant Based Programs
Authors: Viorel Preoteasa and Ralph-Johan Back
2010-05-22: A Complete Proof of the Robbins Conjecture
Author: Matthew Wampler-Doty
2010-05-12: Regular Sets and Expressions
Authors: Alexander Krauss and Tobias Nipkow
2010-04-30: Locally Nameless Sigma Calculus
Authors: Ludovic Henrio, Florian Kammüller, Bianca Lutz and Henry Sudhof
2010-03-29: Free Boolean Algebra
Author: Brian Huffman
2010-03-23: Inter-Procedural Information Flow Noninterference via Slicing
Author: Daniel Wasserrab
2010-03-23: Information Flow Noninterference via Slicing
Author: Daniel Wasserrab
2010-02-20: List Index
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2010-02-12: Coinductive
Author: Andreas Lochbihler


2009-12-09: A Fast SAT Solver for Isabelle in Standard ML
Author: Armin Heller
2009-12-03: Formalizing the Logic-Automaton Connection
Authors: Stefan Berghofer and Markus Reiter
2009-11-25: Tree Automata
Author: Peter Lammich
2009-11-25: Collections Framework
Author: Peter Lammich
2009-11-22: Perfect Number Theorem
Author: Mark Ijbema
2009-11-13: Backing up Slicing: Verifying the Interprocedural Two-Phase Horwitz-Reps-Binkley Slicer
Author: Daniel Wasserrab
2009-10-30: The Worker/Wrapper Transformation
Author: Peter Gammie
2009-09-01: Ordinals and Cardinals
Author: Andrei Popescu
2009-08-28: Invertibility in Sequent Calculi
Author: Peter Chapman
2009-08-04: An Example of a Cofinitary Group in Isabelle/HOL
Author: Bart Kastermans
2009-05-06: Code Generation for Functions as Data
Author: Andreas Lochbihler
2009-04-29: Stream Fusion
Author: Brian Huffman


2008-12-12: A Bytecode Logic for JML and Types
Authors: Lennart Beringer and Martin Hofmann
2008-11-10: Secure information flow and program logics
Authors: Lennart Beringer and Martin Hofmann
2008-11-09: Some classical results in Social Choice Theory
Author: Peter Gammie
2008-11-07: Fun With Tilings
Authors: Tobias Nipkow and Lawrence C. Paulson
2008-10-15: The Textbook Proof of Huffman's Algorithm
Author: Jasmin Christian Blanchette
2008-09-16: Towards Certified Slicing
Author: Daniel Wasserrab
2008-09-02: A Correctness Proof for the Volpano/Smith Security Typing System
Authors: Gregor Snelting and Daniel Wasserrab
2008-09-01: Arrow and Gibbard-Satterthwaite
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2008-08-26: Fun With Functions
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2008-07-23: Formal Verification of Modern SAT Solvers
Author: Filip Marić
2008-04-05: Recursion Theory I
Author: Michael Nedzelsky
2008-02-29: A Sequential Imperative Programming Language Syntax, Semantics, Hoare Logics and Verification Environment
Author: Norbert Schirmer
2008-02-29: BDD Normalisation
Authors: Veronika Ortner and Norbert Schirmer
2008-02-18: Normalization by Evaluation
Authors: Klaus Aehlig and Tobias Nipkow
2008-01-11: Quantifier Elimination for Linear Arithmetic
Author: Tobias Nipkow


2007-12-14: Formalization of Conflict Analysis of Programs with Procedures, Thread Creation, and Monitors
Authors: Peter Lammich and Markus Müller-Olm
2007-12-03: Jinja with Threads
Author: Andreas Lochbihler
2007-11-06: Much Ado About Two
Author: Sascha Böhme
2007-08-12: Sums of Two and Four Squares
Author: Roelof Oosterhuis
2007-08-12: Fermat's Last Theorem for Exponents 3 and 4 and the Parametrisation of Pythagorean Triples
Author: Roelof Oosterhuis
2007-08-08: Fundamental Properties of Valuation Theory and Hensel's Lemma
Author: Hidetsune Kobayashi
2007-08-02: POPLmark Challenge Via de Bruijn Indices
Author: Stefan Berghofer
2007-08-02: First-Order Logic According to Fitting
Author: Stefan Berghofer


2006-09-09: Hotel Key Card System
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2006-08-08: Abstract Hoare Logics
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2006-05-22: Flyspeck I: Tame Graphs
Authors: Gertrud Bauer and Tobias Nipkow
2006-05-15: CoreC++
Author: Daniel Wasserrab
2006-03-31: A Theory of Featherweight Java in Isabelle/HOL
Authors: J. Nathan Foster and Dimitrios Vytiniotis
2006-03-15: Instances of Schneider's generalized protocol of clock synchronization
Author: Damián Barsotti
2006-03-14: Cauchy's Mean Theorem and the Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality
Author: Benjamin Porter


2005-11-11: Countable Ordinals
Author: Brian Huffman
2005-10-12: Fast Fourier Transform
Author: Clemens Ballarin
2005-06-24: Formalization of a Generalized Protocol for Clock Synchronization
Author: Alwen Tiu
2005-06-22: Proving the Correctness of Disk Paxos
Authors: Mauro Jaskelioff and Stephan Merz
2005-06-20: Jive Data and Store Model
Authors: Nicole Rauch and Norbert Schirmer
2005-06-01: Jinja is not Java
Authors: Gerwin Klein and Tobias Nipkow
2005-05-02: SHA1, RSA, PSS and more
Authors: Christina Lindenberg and Kai Wirt
2005-04-21: Category Theory to Yoneda's Lemma
Author: Greg O'Keefe


2004-12-09: File Refinement
Authors: Karen Zee and Viktor Kuncak
2004-11-19: Integration theory and random variables
Author: Stefan Richter
2004-09-28: A Mechanically Verified, Efficient, Sound and Complete Theorem Prover For First Order Logic
Author: Tom Ridge
2004-09-20: Ramsey's theorem, infinitary version
Author: Tom Ridge
2004-09-20: Completeness theorem
Authors: James Margetson and Tom Ridge
2004-07-09: Compiling Exceptions Correctly
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2004-06-24: Depth First Search
Authors: Toshiaki Nishihara and Yasuhiko Minamide
2004-05-18: Groups, Rings and Modules
Authors: Hidetsune Kobayashi, L. Chen and H. Murao
2004-04-26: Topology
Author: Stefan Friedrich
2004-04-26: Lazy Lists II
Author: Stefan Friedrich
2004-04-05: Binary Search Trees
Author: Viktor Kuncak
2004-03-30: Functional Automata
Author: Tobias Nipkow
2004-03-19: Mini ML
Authors: Wolfgang Naraschewski and Tobias Nipkow
2004-03-19: AVL Trees
Authors: Tobias Nipkow and Cornelia Pusch