Signature-Based Gröbner Basis Algorithms

Alexander Maletzky 🌐

September 20, 2018


This article formalizes signature-based algorithms for computing Gröbner bases. Such algorithms are, in general, superior to other algorithms in terms of efficiency, and have not been formalized in any proof assistant so far. The present development is both generic, in the sense that most known variants of signature-based algorithms are covered by it, and effectively executable on concrete input thanks to Isabelle's code generator. Sample computations of benchmark problems show that the verified implementation of signature-based algorithms indeed outperforms the existing implementation of Buchberger's algorithm in Isabelle/HOL.

Besides total correctness of the algorithms, the article also proves that under certain conditions they a-priori detect and avoid all useless zero-reductions, and always return 'minimal' (in some sense) Gröbner bases if an input parameter is chosen in the right way.

The formalization follows the recent survey article by Eder and Faugère.


BSD License


Session Signature_Groebner