Formalizing a Seligman-Style Tableau System for Hybrid Logic


Title: Formalizing a Seligman-Style Tableau System for Hybrid Logic
Author: Asta Halkjær From
Submission date: 2019-12-20
Abstract: This work is a formalization of soundness and completeness proofs for a Seligman-style tableau system for hybrid logic. The completeness result is obtained via a synthetic approach using maximally consistent sets of tableau blocks. The formalization differs from the cited work in a few ways. First, to avoid the need to backtrack in the construction of a tableau, the formalized system has no unnamed initial segment, and therefore no Name rule. Second, I show that the full Bridge rule is derivable in the system. Third, I start from rules restricted to only extend the branch with new formulas, including only witnessing diamonds that are not already witnessed, and show that the unrestricted rules are derivable. Similarly, I start from simpler versions of the @-rules and derive the general ones. These restrictions are imposed to rule out some means of nontermination.
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License: BSD License