Cardinality of Set Partitions


Title: Cardinality of Set Partitions
Author: Lukas Bulwahn (lukas /dot/ bulwahn /at/ gmail /dot/ com)
Submission date: 2015-12-12
Abstract: The theory's main theorem states that the cardinality of set partitions of size k on a carrier set of size n is expressed by Stirling numbers of the second kind. In Isabelle, Stirling numbers of the second kind are defined in the AFP entry `Discrete Summation` through their well-known recurrence relation. The main theorem relates them to the alternative definition as cardinality of set partitions. The proof follows the simple and short explanation in Richard P. Stanley's `Enumerative Combinatorics: Volume 1` and Wikipedia, and unravels the full details and implicit reasoning steps of these explanations.
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License: BSD License
Depends on: Discrete_Summation
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