A Dependent Security Type System for Concurrent Imperative Programs

Toby Murray 🌐, Robert Sison, Edward Pierzchalski and Christine Rizkallah 🌐

June 25, 2016


The paper "Compositional Verification and Refinement of Concurrent Value-Dependent Noninterference" by Murray et. al. (CSF 2016) presents a dependent security type system for compositionally verifying a value-dependent noninterference property, defined in (Murray, PLAS 2015), for concurrent programs. This development formalises that security definition, the type system and its soundness proof, and demonstrates its application on some small examples. It was derived from the SIFUM_Type_Systems AFP entry, by Sylvia Grewe, Heiko Mantel and Daniel Schoepe, and whose structure it inherits.


BSD License


September 27, 2016
Added security locale support for the imposition of requirements on the initial memory. (revision cce4ceb74ddb)
August 19, 2016
Removed unused "stop" parameter and "stop_no_eval" assumption from the sifum_security locale. (revision dbc482d36372)


Session Dependent_SIFUM_Type_Systems