Certification Monads


Title: Certification Monads
Authors: Christian Sternagel and René Thiemann (rene /dot/ thiemann /at/ uibk /dot/ ac /dot/ at)
Submission date: 2014-10-03
Abstract: This entry provides several monads intended for the development of stand-alone certifiers via code generation from Isabelle/HOL. More specifically, there are three flavors of error monads (the sum type, for the case where all monadic functions are total; an instance of the former, the so called check monad, yielding either success without any further information or an error message; as well as a variant of the sum type that accommodates partial functions by providing an explicit bottom element) and a parser monad built on top. All of this monads are heavily used in the IsaFoR/CeTA project which thus provides many examples of their usage.
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License: BSD License
Depends on: Partial_Function_MR, Show
Used by: AI_Planning_Languages_Semantics, WOOT_Strong_Eventual_Consistency, XML