Farkas' Lemma and Motzkin's Transposition Theorem


Title: Farkas' Lemma and Motzkin's Transposition Theorem
Authors: Ralph Bottesch, Max W. Haslbeck and René Thiemann (rene /dot/ thiemann /at/ uibk /dot/ ac /dot/ at)
Submission date: 2019-01-17
Abstract: We formalize a proof of Motzkin's transposition theorem and Farkas' lemma in Isabelle/HOL. Our proof is based on the formalization of the simplex algorithm which, given a set of linear constraints, either returns a satisfying assignment to the problem or detects unsatisfiability. By reusing facts about the simplex algorithm we show that a set of linear constraints is unsatisfiable if and only if there is a linear combination of the constraints which evaluates to a trivially unsatisfiable inequality.
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License: BSD License
Depends on: Jordan_Normal_Form, Simplex
Used by: Linear_Programming