Title: Optics
Authors: Simon Foster and Frank Zeyda
Submission date: 2017-05-25
Abstract: Lenses provide an abstract interface for manipulating data types through spatially-separated views. They are defined abstractly in terms of two functions, get, the return a value from the source type, and put that updates the value. We mechanise the underlying theory of lenses, in terms of an algebraic hierarchy of lenses, including well-behaved and very well-behaved lenses, each lens class being characterised by a set of lens laws. We also mechanise a lens algebra in Isabelle that enables their composition and comparison, so as to allow construction of complex lenses. This is accompanied by a large library of algebraic laws. Moreover we also show how the lens classes can be applied by instantiating them with a number of Isabelle data types.
Change history: [2020-03-02]: Added partial bijective and symmetric lenses. Improved alphabet command generating additional lenses and results. Several additional lens relations, including observational equivalence. Additional theorems throughout. Adaptations for Isabelle 2020. (revision 44e2e5c)
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License: BSD License