Linear Inequalities

Ralph Bottesch 🌐, Alban Reynaud and René Thiemann 🌐

June 21, 2019


We formalize results about linear inqualities, mainly from Schrijver's book. The main results are the proof of the fundamental theorem on linear inequalities, Farkas' lemma, Carathéodory's theorem, the Farkas-Minkowsky-Weyl theorem, the decomposition theorem of polyhedra, and Meyer's result that the integer hull of a polyhedron is a polyhedron itself. Several theorems include bounds on the appearing numbers, and in particular we provide an a-priori bound on mixed-integer solutions of linear inequalities.


BSD License


July 3, 2022
improved bounds on determinants to get smaller mixed integer solutions (revision 6cf62d8e618e)


Session Linear_Inequalities