A framework for establishing Strong Eventual Consistency for Conflict-free Replicated Datatypes

Victor B. F. Gomes 📧, Martin Kleppmann 📧, Dominic P. Mulligan 📧 and Alastair R. Beresford 📧

July 7, 2017


In this work, we focus on the correctness of Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs), a class of algorithm that provides strong eventual consistency guarantees for replicated data. We develop a modular and reusable framework for verifying the correctness of CRDT algorithms. We avoid correctness issues that have dogged previous mechanised proofs in this area by including a network model in our formalisation, and proving that our theorems hold in all possible network behaviours. Our axiomatic network model is a standard abstraction that accurately reflects the behaviour of real-world computer networks. Moreover, we identify an abstract convergence theorem, a property of order relations, which provides a formal definition of strong eventual consistency. We then obtain the first machine-checked correctness theorems for three concrete CRDTs: the Replicated Growable Array, the Observed-Remove Set, and an Increment-Decrement Counter.


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