Schutz' Independent Axioms for Minkowski Spacetime


Title: Schutz' Independent Axioms for Minkowski Spacetime
Authors: Richard Schmoetten (s1311325 /at/ sms /dot/ ed /dot/ ac /dot/ uk), Jake Palmer (jake /dot/ palmer /at/ ed /dot/ ac /dot/ uk) and Jacques Fleuriot
Submission date: 2021-07-27
Abstract: This is a formalisation of Schutz' system of axioms for Minkowski spacetime published under the name "Independent axioms for Minkowski space-time" in 1997, as well as most of the results in the third chapter ("Temporal Order on a Path") of the above monograph. Many results are proven here that cannot be found in Schutz, either preceding the theorem they are needed for, or within their own thematic section.
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License: BSD License