Pricing in discrete financial models


Title: Pricing in discrete financial models
Author: Mnacho Echenim (mnacho /dot/ echenim /at/ univ-grenoble-alpes /dot/ fr)
Submission date: 2018-07-16
Abstract: We have formalized the computation of fair prices for derivative products in discrete financial models. As an application, we derive a way to compute fair prices of derivative products in the Cox-Ross-Rubinstein model of a financial market, thus completing the work that was presented in this paper.
Change history: [2019-05-12]: Renamed discr_mkt predicate to stk_strict_subs and got rid of predicate A for a more natural definition of the type discrete_market; renamed basic quantity processes for coherent notation; renamed value_process into val_process and closing_value_process to cls_val_process; relaxed hypothesis of lemma CRR_market_fair_price. Added functions to price some basic options. (revision 0b813a1a833f)
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License: BSD License