Actuarial Mathematics


Title: Actuarial Mathematics
Author: Yosuke Ito (glacier345 /at/ gmail /dot/ com)
Submission date: 2022-01-23
Abstract: Actuarial Mathematics is a theory in applied mathematics, which is mainly used for determining the prices of insurance products and evaluating the liability of a company associating with insurance contracts. It is related to calculus, probability theory and financial theory, etc. In this entry, I formalize the very basic part of Actuarial Mathematics in Isabelle/HOL. The first formalization is about the theory of interest which deals with interest rates, present value factors, an annuity certain, etc. I have already formalized the basic part of Actuarial Mathematics in Coq ( This entry is currently the partial translation and a little generalization of the Coq formalization. The further translation in Isabelle/HOL is now proceeding.
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License: BSD License