Differential Game Logic

André Platzer 🌐

June 3, 2019


This formalization provides differential game logic (dGL), a logic for proving properties of hybrid game. In addition to the syntax and semantics, it formalizes a uniform substitution calculus for dGL. Church's uniform substitutions substitute a term or formula for a function or predicate symbol everywhere. The uniform substitutions for dGL also substitute hybrid games for a game symbol everywhere. We prove soundness of one-pass uniform substitutions and the axioms of differential game logic with respect to their denotational semantics. One-pass uniform substitutions are faster by postponing soundness-critical admissibility checks with a linear pass homomorphic application and regain soundness by a variable condition at the replacements. The formalization is based on prior non-mechanized soundness proofs for dGL.


BSD License


Session Differential_Game_Logic