Achim D. Brucker 🌐, Nicolas Méric 📧 and Burkhart Wolff 📧

April 26, 2024


Isabelle/DOF provides an implementation of a document ontology framework on top of Isabelle/HOL. The framework allows both for defining ontologies and enforcing them during document development and document evolution. Isabelle/DOF targets use-cases such as mathematical texts referring to a theory development or technical reports requiring a particular structure. The documentation generation features are sufficiently powerful to typeset the most common cases without using LaTeX. Isabelle/DOF is integrated into Isabelle's IDE, which allows for smooth ontology development as well as immediate ontological conformance-checks during the editing of a document. Its checking facilities leverage the collaborative development of documents required to be consistent with an underlying ontological structure. This entry provides a user-manual with in-depth presentation of the design concepts of Isabelle/DOF's Ontology Definition Language (ODL) and describe comprehensively its major commands. Many examples show typical best-practice applications of the system.


BSD License


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