Automatic Data Refinement

Peter Lammich 📧

October 2, 2013


We present the Autoref tool for Isabelle/HOL, which automatically refines algorithms specified over abstract concepts like maps and sets to algorithms over concrete implementations like red-black-trees, and produces a refinement theorem. It is based on ideas borrowed from relational parametricity due to Reynolds and Wadler. The tool allows for rapid prototyping of verified, executable algorithms. Moreover, it can be configured to fine-tune the result to the user~s needs. Our tool is able to automatically instantiate generic algorithms, which greatly simplifies the implementation of executable data structures.

This AFP-entry provides the basic tool, which is then used by the Refinement and Collection Framework to provide automatic data refinement for the nondeterminism monad and various collection datastructures.


BSD License


Session Automatic_Refinement