The Hahn and Jordan Decomposition Theorems


Title: The Hahn and Jordan Decomposition Theorems
Authors: Marie Cousin (marie /dot/ cousin /at/ grenoble-inp /dot/ org), Mnacho Echenim (mnacho /dot/ echenim /at/ univ-grenoble-alpes /dot/ fr) and Hervé Guiol (herve /dot/ guiol /at/ univ-grenoble-alpes /dot/ fr)
Submission date: 2021-11-19
Abstract: In this work we formalize the Hahn decomposition theorem for signed measures, namely that any measure space for a signed measure can be decomposed into a positive and a negative set, where every measurable subset of the positive one has a positive measure, and every measurable subset of the negative one has a negative measure. We also formalize the Jordan decomposition theorem as a corollary, which states that the signed measure under consideration admits a unique decomposition into a difference of two positive measures, at least one of which is finite.
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License: BSD License