Formal Verification of Modern SAT Solvers

Filip Marić 🌐

July 23, 2008


This document contains formal correctness proofs of modern SAT solvers. Following (Krstic et al, 2007) and (Nieuwenhuis et al., 2006), solvers are described using state-transition systems. Several different SAT solver descriptions are given and their partial correctness and termination is proved. These include:
  • a solver based on classical DPLL procedure (using only a backtrack-search with unit propagation),
  • a very general solver with backjumping and learning (similar to the description given in (Nieuwenhuis et al., 2006)), and
  • a solver with a specific conflict analysis algorithm (similar to the description given in (Krstic et al., 2007)).
Within the SAT solver correctness proofs, a large number of lemmas about propositional logic and CNF formulae are proved. This theory is self-contained and could be used for further exploring of properties of CNF based SAT algorithms.


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