Relation Algebra


Title: Relation Algebra
Authors: Alasdair Armstrong, Simon Foster, Georg Struth and Tjark Weber (tjark /dot/ weber /at/ it /dot/ uu /dot/ se)
Submission date: 2014-01-25
Abstract: Tarski's algebra of binary relations is formalised along the lines of the standard textbooks of Maddux and Schmidt and Ströhlein. This includes relation-algebraic concepts such as subidentities, vectors and a domain operation as well as various notions associated to functions. Relation algebras are also expanded by a reflexive transitive closure operation, and they are linked with Kleene algebras and models of binary relations and Boolean matrices.
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License: BSD License
Depends on: Kleene_Algebra
Used by: Relational_Paths, Residuated_Lattices