The Imperative Refinement Framework


Title: The Imperative Refinement Framework
Author: Peter Lammich
Submission date: 2016-08-08
Abstract: We present the Imperative Refinement Framework (IRF), a tool that supports a stepwise refinement based approach to imperative programs. This entry is based on the material we presented in [ITP-2015, CPP-2016]. It uses the Monadic Refinement Framework as a frontend for the specification of the abstract programs, and Imperative/HOL as a backend to generate executable imperative programs. The IRF comes with tool support to synthesize imperative programs from more abstract, functional ones, using efficient imperative implementations for the abstract data structures. This entry also includes the Imperative Isabelle Collection Framework (IICF), which provides a library of re-usable imperative collection data structures. Moreover, this entry contains a quickstart guide and a reference manual, which provide an introduction to using the IRF for Isabelle/HOL experts. It also provids a collection of (partly commented) practical examples, some highlights being Dijkstra's Algorithm, Nested-DFS, and a generic worklist algorithm with subsumption. Finally, this entry contains benchmark scripts that compare the runtime of some examples against reference implementations of the algorithms in Java and C++. [ITP-2015] Peter Lammich: Refinement to Imperative/HOL. ITP 2015: 253--269 [CPP-2016] Peter Lammich: Refinement based verification of imperative data structures. CPP 2016: 27--36
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License: BSD License
Depends on: DFS_Framework, Dijkstra_Shortest_Path, List-Index
Used by: BTree, Flow_Networks, Floyd_Warshall, Kruskal