Dirichlet Series


Title: Dirichlet Series
Author: Manuel Eberl
Submission date: 2017-10-12
Abstract: This entry is a formalisation of much of Chapters 2, 3, and 11 of Apostol's “Introduction to Analytic Number Theory”. This includes:
  • Definitions and basic properties for several number-theoretic functions (Euler's φ, Möbius μ, Liouville's λ, the divisor function σ, von Mangoldt's Λ)
  • Executable code for most of these functions, the most efficient implementations using the factoring algorithm by Thiemann et al.
  • Dirichlet products and formal Dirichlet series
  • Analytic results connecting convergent formal Dirichlet series to complex functions
  • Euler product expansions
  • Asymptotic estimates of number-theoretic functions including the density of squarefree integers and the average number of divisors of a natural number
These results are useful as a basis for developing more number-theoretic results, such as the Prime Number Theorem.
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