The Correctness of Launchbury's Natural Semantics for Lazy Evaluation

Joachim Breitner 🌐

January 31, 2013


In his seminal paper "Natural Semantics for Lazy Evaluation", John Launchbury proves his semantics correct with respect to a denotational semantics, and outlines an adequacy proof. We have formalized both semantics and machine-checked the correctness proof, clarifying some details. Furthermore, we provide a new and more direct adequacy proof that does not require intermediate operational semantics.


BSD License


March 16, 2015
Booleans and if-then-else added to syntax and semantics, making this entry suitable to be used by the entry "Call_Arity".
May 24, 2014
Added the proof of adequacy, as well as simplified and improved the existing proofs. Adjusted abstract accordingly.


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