Strong Normalization of Moggis's Computational Metalanguage


Title: Strong Normalization of Moggis's Computational Metalanguage
Author: Christian Doczkal (doczkal /at/ ps /dot/ uni-saarland /dot/ de)
Submission date: 2010-08-29
Abstract: Handling variable binding is one of the main difficulties in formal proofs. In this context, Moggi's computational metalanguage serves as an interesting case study. It features monadic types and a commuting conversion rule that rearranges the binding structure. Lindley and Stark have given an elegant proof of strong normalization for this calculus. The key construction in their proof is a notion of relational TT-lifting, using stacks of elimination contexts to obtain a Girard-Tait style logical relation. I give a formalization of their proof in Isabelle/HOL-Nominal with a particular emphasis on the treatment of bound variables.
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License: BSD License