Formal Specification of a Generic Separation Kernel

Freek Verbeek 📧, Sergey Tverdyshev 📧, Oto Havle 📧, Holger Blasum 📧, Bruno Langenstein 📧, Werner Stephan 📧, Yakoub Nemouchi 📧, Abderrahmane Feliachi 📧, Burkhart Wolff 📧 and Julien Schmaltz 📧

July 18, 2014


Intransitive noninterference has been a widely studied topic in the last few decades. Several well-established methodologies apply interactive theorem proving to formulate a noninterference theorem over abstract academic models. In joint work with several industrial and academic partners throughout Europe, we are helping in the certification process of PikeOS, an industrial separation kernel developed at SYSGO. In this process, established theories could not be applied. We present a new generic model of separation kernels and a new theory of intransitive noninterference. The model is rich in detail, making it suitable for formal verification of realistic and industrial systems such as PikeOS. Using a refinement-based theorem proving approach, we ensure that proofs remain manageable.

This document corresponds to the deliverable D31.1 of the EURO-MILS Project


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Session CISC-Kernel