Theory Test_Constructor_Funs

section ‹Usage›

theory Test_Constructor_Funs
imports Constructor_Funs

text ‹
  This entry provides a @{command datatype} plugin and a separate command.
  The plugin runs by default on all defined datatypes, but it can be disabled individually:

datatype (plugins del: "constructor_funs") 'a tree = Node | Fork 'a "'a tree list"

context begin

text ‹
  The @{command constructor_funs} command can be used to add constructor functions if the plugin has
  been disabled during datatype definition.

constructor_funs tree


text ‹Records are supported.›

record 'a meep =
  field1 :: 'a
  field2 :: nat

text ‹Nested and mutual recursion are supported.›

  'a mlist1 = MNil1 | MCons1 'a "'a mlist2" and
  'a mlist2 = MNil2 | MCons2 'a "'a mlist1"

section ‹Examples›

datatype 'a seq = Nil | Cons 'a "'a seq"

fun app :: "'a seq  'a seq  'a seq" where
"app Nil ys = ys" |
"app (Cons x xs) ys = Cons x (app xs ys)"

fun map where
"map _ Nil = Nil" |
"map f (Cons x xs) = Cons (f x) (map f xs)"

definition "bla = map (Cons True) Nil"

text ‹
  The generated code never calls constructors directly, but only through regular functions. These
  functions are defined in eta-long form.

declare [["constructor_funs"]]

export_code app bla plus_nat_inst.plus_nat in SML

export_code app bla plus_nat_inst.plus_nat checking SML Scala