Referring to AFP Entries


Once you have downloaded the AFP, you can include its articles and theories in your own developments. If you would like to make your work available to others without having to include the AFP articles you depend on, here is how to do it.

If you are using Isabelle2019, and have downloaded your AFP directory to /home/myself/afp, you should run the following command [1] to make the AFP session ROOTS available to Isabelle:

    echo "/home/myself/afp/thys" >> ~/.isabelle/Isabelle2019/ROOTS

You can now refer to article ABC from the AFP in some theory of yours via

    imports "ABC.Some_ABC_Theory"

This allows you to distribute your material separately from any AFP theories. Users of your distribution also need to install the AFP in the above manner.


[1]: Tested for Linux and Mac installations ‐ it should be the same under cygwin on Windows.